So long, and thanks for all the Just Our Types!

The full-time publishers at Freight Books react to the sad loss of one of the designers (to a new job)


Today is a very sad day, as one of our designers, David B, will be moving onwards to a spangly new job. We know that he’ll do amazingly, but it pains us all to be saying goodbye. Despite the fact that the office is simply brimming with cakes this afternoon, it will be an afternoon of mourning.

Unless we just lock him in the meeting room for the foreseeable future. We’ll let you know what we decide.


(unless we lock you in the meeting room)


Today we are sad to say goodbye to one of Freight’s design team, David, author of the not-quite-monthly Just Our Type sections on Helvetica and Clarendon, as well as a secret rarity on Garamond.

rabbit crying

We’re sad bunnies

It is always a sad moment when one of our number moves on to pastures fresh and verdant, because we are few in number, and the process of book production (the designers work on lots of other stuff, too, of course) is one which requires a lot of close communication and camaraderie.

Congratulations David, keep in touch, live your dreams, no mountain is too high, no river too wide, etc. etc.

Catch up on some of David’s blog posts here and here!

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