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I remember that life in that room seemed to be occurring beneath the sea, time flowed past indifferently above us, hours and days had no meaning. In the beginning our life together held a joy and amazement which was newborn every day. Beneath the joy, of course, was anguish and beneath the amazement was fear;

giovannis room2Giovanni’s Room, by James Baldwin (Penguin). I was unsure what to make of this book when I picked it up, fearing an indelicate approach to a sensitive subject matter. At the time when it was published (1956) the question of sexuality and morality was extremely controversial, and a book like this one would have been provocative to say the very least. Baldwin tactfully explores the central character’s confusion, frustration and shame and shows the extent to which the suppression of sexuality can torture and alter the soul. Continue reading

Under the Covers

Love is strange. Love is beautiful. Love is dangerous. Love is never what you expect it to be. Here PENGUIN brings you the most seductive, inspiring and surprising writing on love in all its infinite variety.

This week is the third week of our Under the Covers feature, and I suppose sort of tying in with the whole bedroom suggestion of the feature, I’m going to pick on the Penguin Great Loves collection. These covers are absolutely stunning, and I struggle to actually read the books from fear of inflicting any damage to the aesthetic package. Penguin Great Loves CollageThe collection focuses mostly on classical, romantic/erotic literature, and offsets the passion and emotion of each title with a subtle but suggestive cover, laden with symbolism. Continue reading