Kickstarter for A Bird is not a Stone: Palestinian poetry in translation

A Bird is not a Stone is a collection of contemporary Palestinian poetry, translated and reworked by Scottish poets into English, Scots, Gaelic and Shetlandic. The bilingual collection will be published by Glasgow’s Freight Books in summer 2014.

Book cover artwork provided by Raed Issa

Book cover artwork provided by Raed Issa

It is our wish to write a blog that deals with books, book covers and other things unrelated to Freight Books, but we decided it was apt to do a small post on one of our titles, A Bird is not a Stone. This publication, edited by Henry Bell and Sarah Irving, is a stunning collection of contemporary Palestinian poetry translated by 25 of Scotland’s very best writers including Alasdair Gray, Liz Lochhead, James Robertson, Jackie Kay, William Letford,  Aonghas MacNeacail, DM Black, Tom Pow, Ron Butlin and John Glenday.

Liz Lochhead

Liz Lochhead

Sarah Irving and Henry Bell have set up a Kickstarter page for the project and are raising money to help fund travel between Palestine and the UK for the poets, as well as to supply Palestinian libraries, schools and universities with this unique new anthology.

‘We want to make sure that this collection and the messages it carries – of cultural vitality, of life, of communication – find the widest possible audience. In order to do that, we are fundraising for two things. Firstly, to be able to share as many copies of the book as possible, principally with universities, libraries and other institutions in Palestine and in Palestinian refugee communities. And secondly, to enable Palestinian poets to come to Scotland (and, ok, maybe the rest of Britain) and Scottish poets to visit Palestine, to share their work with different audiences.’

You can find out more about the project on the Freight Books site or on the book’s own dedicated website.

This is a very exciting time for the book and the poets, and we really hope you’ll show your support by donating, retweeting, facebooking and talking about this project to all of your friends!

kickstarterimagefornewsarticleAside: What are your thoughts on Kickstarter as a crowdfunding platform? Do you think it is a successful way to fundraise? I’ve used Sponsume in the past as you don’t need to reach your target to access the raised money, though you do pay a percentage of your donations to Sponsum regardless of whether you reach your target or not. We’re interested to hear your thoughts and experiences with crowdfunding.

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